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Ernest Hasting Hanley

In 1929 Nevisian born Ernest Hasting Hanley, a grave digger, returned to his beloved Nevis after 11 years in the cane fields of Chapara, Cuba. He was inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s Trans-Atlantic flight of 1927 on board The Spirit of St. Louis, and acquired 5 acres of woodlands at Hamilton Estate with a vision for future development. In the process, he became the first Nevisian born laborer to earn Certificates of Title to lands at Hamilton Estate, Nevis. His pioneering spirit earned him the nickname “Lucky Lindbergh”.

Spencer & Jacqueline Hanley

Spencer & Jacqueline Hanley

Lindbergh’s vision for future development is being expanded through the eyes of his son Spencer, a retired banker; daughter-in-law Jacqueline, a retired tourism executive and grandchildren Nicola and Spencer Jr. They have complimented the natural fauna of the original agricultural woodlands with old fashioned Nevisian cottages with modern amenities for long term and short term rental, Bed and Breakfast options, plus nature walks/hikes through the fringe of the rain forest.

LINDBERGH LANDING is dedicated to the memory of ERNEST HASTING HANLEY (aka Lindbergh) 1899-1988.